Loewe launches 99 special edition Bild s.77 TVs for its 99th anniversary

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(Pocket-lint) - Loewe, the legendary TV and audio brand, is celebrating its 99th day this month. To celebrate, the brand is releasing a peculiar constricted variation of the Bild s.77 TV. 

Limited to conscionable 99 units globally, the peculiar variation seeks to amended connected the aggregate award-winning plan of the Bild s.77.

The peculiar variation acceptable adds genuine golden plated elements to the plan of the TV. Each TV is individually numbered and has a gold-plated Loewe signature emblem arsenic good arsenic a gold-plated Loewe ring.

In presumption of specification, it's a 77-inch 4K OLED display with an SX quad-core processor nether the hood. The TV has HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision certification.

The Bild S.77 has an integrated soundbar that is revealed erstwhile the acceptable is turned on, it uses what Loewe refers to arsenic 'Kinematic technology' to assistance the show truthful that the soundbar is lone disposable erstwhile successful use.

The soundbar has 10 forward-facing drivers that present 120-watts of audio goodness. Loewe uses Mimi Defined exertion to accommodate the audio to suit idiosyncratic proceeding abilities, adapting the dependable successful real-time to present the cleanable TV watching experience.

Loewe has boosted the s.77's interior retention for the peculiar edition, which present features a 2TB SDD up from 1TB connected the modular version.

Loewe says "the Bild s.77 variation represents the brand’s virtues to their fullest extent; an unmatched tendency for the highest level of excellence successful design, with the latest cutting-edge tech utilised to its best."

The Bild s.77 variation is disposable present from Loewe TV and selected high-end retailers, including Harrods, from £12,999.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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