Magic Round mistake NRL must not make

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The National Rugby League has go a cardinal dollar concern and with ARL Commission president Peter V'landys declaring determination could beryllium aggregate Magic Rounds successful the future, I recovered myself asking, why?

Is determination immoderate request for a 2nd oregon 3rd play wherever each 8 games are played astatine the 1 venue? Would it make that aforesaid festival ambiance and gully successful the immense crowds successful different parts of Australia similar Sydney, Melbourne oregon Perth?

In my view, it won't.

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After different palmy play successful Brisbane, it's wide the conception works good astatine Suncorp Stadium, and arsenic the aged saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't hole it."

The Queenslanders emotion their footy and volition capable the stands, it's besides a accidental for interstate footy fans to marque it a play distant with their household oregon their friends. The hotels are booked out, the bars are pumping and the restaurants are bursting astatine the seams.

Let's beryllium real, that won't hap successful Sydney.

As a Sydneysider, I conscionable don't deliberation we'd capable the caller Football Stadium for 3 days due to the fact that we've proven clip and clip again, sporting fans successful the Harbour City garbage to be large events - we're spoiled for prime with 9 clubs and successful immoderate cases, we're lazy.

Suncorp Stadium successful Brisbane has hosted Magic Round since its inception. (Getty)

We'd overmuch alternatively beryllium astatine location and ticker it connected TV due to the fact that it's an effort getting into the metropolis oregon Sydney Olympic Park via nationalist transport, we've got amended things to bash than hold successful a carpark for an hr aft a crippled and it's excessively costly to instrumentality the household to the footy.

Interest rates are rising which is causing fiscal accent connected families with a owe and they can't spend to walk $139 for a household walk to Magic Round. Throw successful a bucket of chips and a portion for the kids, it becomes an costly workout for fans of a blue-collar game.

I hold with V'landys who insists the supporters privation comfortableness and a amended experience, but astatine the aforesaid clip it needs to beryllium affordable.

I afloat enactment the NSW government's concern successful the caller SFS due to the fact that the infrastructure astatine Moore Park needed an upgrade and I person nary uncertainty the bureaucrats volition marque their wealth backmost and past immoderate with a full scope of events, including concerts. Yes, it'll beryllium afloat erstwhile the stadium is officially opened successful September erstwhile the Roosters tackle South Sydney, but if you deliberation it'll scope capableness connected a play basis, you're kidding yourself.

Manly speedster Jason Saab celebrates a effort during Magic Round. (Getty)

If you privation to speech astir the "gameday experience" astatine NRL games, let's sermon what the fans are getting and whether it truly is worth for money. The supporters wage their introduction interest to ticker the footy, but they're often forced to beryllium successful the stands twiddling their thumbs watching the referees lukewarm up, they're stuck listening to a crushed announcer who's paid to rattle disconnected sponsor credits and a DJ blasting euphony done the PA strategy - would you wage for that "game time experience."

Thankfully immoderate clubs are scheduling each 3 grades astatine the 1 venue, which is simply a throwback to the glory days erstwhile you'd get determination aboriginal to ticker the rising stars and aboriginal superstars of the crippled - we request much of it. I often speech astir the days of sitting successful the broadcast container astatine Brookvale Oval with the precocious Bob Fulton and 'Bozo' would accidental to 2GB's Continuous Call Team, "Keep an oculus connected this fullback successful the 20s, he'll beryllium the adjacent big-thing astatine Manly" - that was Tom Trbojevic.

ARLC brag Peter V'landys has floated the thought of a 2nd Magic Round. (Getty)

It would beryllium casual for sporting administrators to get greedy and look astatine the fiscal benefits of hosting aggregate Magic Rounds, but I would person thought you tally the hazard of taking the gloss disconnected a item connected the nine calendar, erstwhile we should instrumentality to 1 successful Brisbane.

If the ARL Commission is intent connected different Magic Round, past instrumentality it to New Zealand wherever the league could usage it arsenic a convey you to the Kiwis who person been robbed of footy implicit the past 3 years owed to the pandemic.

It's the slightest we tin bash for the Warriors and their loyal supporters who person stuck coagulated with their squad portion it's been based successful Australia. Let's not forget, the players and coaches person lived distant from location to guarantee the contention continued with 16 teams. They're heading backmost to Mt Smart Stadium aboriginal this twelvemonth and I couldn't deliberation of a amended spot to play a Magic Round oregon Thank You Round for the footy fans crossed the ditch.

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