Mark Meadows Busted Tampering With 1/6 Committee Witnesses

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Mark Meadows refuses to attest and according to a caller report, is tampering with 1/6 Committee witnesses.

Politico reported:

Both of the 2 slides that the sheet revealed astatine the extremity of its unrecorded proceeding with Hutchinson reflected conversations she described to the committee successful her last closed-door deposition, this idiosyncratic said. Hutchinson told the committee astatine the clip that, connected the eve of her earlier March 7 deposition, an intermediary for erstwhile White House main of unit Mark Meadows contacted her to accidental that her erstwhile brag valued her loyalty.


Meadows is the idiosyncratic whose sanction was redacted successful that slide. Contents of that last deposition were described to POLITICO, which could not independently corroborate the individuality of the intermediary oregon that Meadows directed immoderate connection beryllium delivered to Hutchinson earlier her 2nd deposition.

Mr. Meadows done a spokesperson has denied that helium is engaging successful witnesser tampering.

The different descent shown during the proceeding was from a Trump intermediary reminding Hutchinson that Trump is paying attraction and helium does work transcripts.

It is doubtful that Meadows and Trump are acting independently of each other. Trump appears to beryllium moving a coordinated run to intimidate and tamper with cardinal 1/6 Committee witnesses.

Mark Meadows has remained loyal to Trump and has tried to unit his erstwhile apical adjutant to enactment quiet.

The cover-up is not worse than the crime, but the cover-up is besides a crime.

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