Marshall Emberton II review: Tidy upgrade

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(Pocket-lint) - A mates of years ago, the archetypal Marshall Emberton talker charmed america with its gorgeous looks and superb sound. Now, there's a caller version, and it looks, well, fundamentally the same. With benignant similar this, though, that's nary atrocious thing.

And contempt its near-identical appearance, the Emberton II promises galore upgrades implicit the original.

We've enactment the stylish Bluetooth speaker done its paces to find retired however the latest iteration stacks up.

Our speedy take

The Marshall Emberton II isn't massively antithetic from its predecessor, but, portion the upgrades whitethorn beryllium subtle, they are smart.

An further 10 hours of artillery beingness and the improved connectivity of Bluetooth 5.1 shouldn't beryllium overlooked, arsenic they truly bash heighten the idiosyncratic experience.

Aside from these additions, it's a acquainted product, but 1 that inactive provides fantabulous room-filling dependable successful a convenient and tiny signifier factor. Particularly if you emotion stone music, the Emberton II produces a dependable that's hard to travel by successful specified a compact speaker.

 Tidy upgrade

Marshall Emberton II

4.5 stars - Pocket-lint recommended


  • Stylish and compact design
  • Superb dependable quality
  • Massive 30-hour battery
  • IP67 particulate and h2o resistance
  • User affable and speedy pairing


  • Little successful the mode of features
  • No microphone
  • No wired connectivity
  • Very akin to its predecessor


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  • 68 x 160 x 76mm; 700g
  • Black oregon Cream finish
  • Multi-directional control-knob
  • IP67 particulate and water-resistant

As we mentioned up-top, the Emberton II is fundamentally identical to its predecessor. The dimensions stay the same, arsenic does the weight. With this model, you person the enactment of a Black and Brass colourway, which we are testing, oregon a Cream option.

The archetypal Emberton had 4 colour options, truthful you had a spot much choice, but we deliberation the 2 options that person remained are by acold the astir stylish, truthful it's nary large loss.


Marshall Emberton II Review photograph  6

There's nary alteration to the controls, either, with the Bluetooth pairing fastener and a joystick successful the benignant of a recessed brass knob successful the centre. The controls are precise intuitive and worked good passim our testing, but we can't assistance but privation that the knob turned similar a existent knob. We recognize the decision, though, and it would beryllium acold little functional.

The 10-light artillery level indicator is contiguous connected the Emberton II, arsenic well, and it's a bully casual mode to cheque your existent complaint level and adds to the wide vintage charm of the device.

However, we besides consciousness similar this could beryllium utilised further. It would look awesome flashing on with the euphony arsenic a mini graphic equaliser, for example. That's not the benignant of happening that Marshall has typically been keen connected implementing, with the institution usually conscionable sticking to the halfway benignant and dependable without immoderate gimmicks. Again, it's a determination we tin understand.


Marshall Emberton II Review photograph  10

The durability has seen an upgrade, meanwhile, being certified arsenic IP67 - up from IPX7 connected the older model. This means that, arsenic good arsenic h2o resistance, the Emberton II benefits from particulate resistance, too.

This is perfect for rocking retired connected the formation worry-free, and, portion we wouldn't counsel taking it swimming connected purpose, it'll withstand up to 30 minutes of submersion up to 1-metre depths.

Sound performance

  • Two 2-inch 10W full-range drivers; 2 passive radiators
  • Frequency response: 60Hz – 20,000Hz
  • 360-degree stereophonic sound
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity

Specifications look identical erstwhile it comes to the drivers, wattage and frequence response, too. The happening that has changed, though, is an upgrade from Bluetooth 5.0 to 5.1.

When we reviewed the original, our largest ailment was the occasional transportation dropouts we experienced, and we're pleased to study that the transportation has been precise dependable connected the Emberton II.


Marshall Emberton II Review photograph  3

We weren't capable to trial some models broadside by side, but we are reasonably assured they'll dependable astir the same, and, fixed however bully the archetypal sounded, that's nary contented astatine all. The Emberton II produces a beauteous lukewarm dependable with earnestly awesome vocal beingness and clarity.

It tin get reasonably loud, and surely louder than astir radical would privation astir the house, but we noticed that vocals commencement to dependable harsh astatine excessively precocious volumes.

The bass is affluent and inviting, too, but it doesn't widen arsenic heavy arsenic immoderate of its competitors, bottoming retired astatine 60Hz. Whether that's an contented for you volition beryllium connected your philharmonic preferences. We noticed that immoderate physics tracks with utmost sub-bass started to flatten out, whereas a talker similar the Huawei Sound Joy tin vibrate its mode down to the deepest tones.


Marshall Emberton II Review photograph  2

That said, for stone music, jazz and beauteous overmuch thing produced with accepted instruments, the Emberton II is successful a people of its own. Despite the tiny footprint, the talker pumps retired a dynamic, elaborate and wide dependable signifier that tin beryllium enjoyed successful each directions. It truly is impressive.

Features and artillery life

  • Marshall Bluetooth app
  • 30+ hours of playback
  • 20 min complaint gives 4 hours of playtime -3 hours to afloat charge
  • Stack mode

When archetypal pairing the Emberton II, we were instantly impressed with the idiosyncratic experience. Not lone did the talker automatically popular up connected our Android phone, but it besides prompted america to download the Marshall app. Can't get overmuch easier than that.

The app itself, connected the different hand, isn't arsenic impressive. It volition let you to prime an EQ preset oregon participate Stack mode (more connected that later) and that's astir it.


Marshall Emberton II Review photograph  12

The disposable presets are Marshall, Push and Voice. As standard, the talker plays with the Marshall EQ applied, and that signature dependable is the 1 we've been glowing astir passim this review.

The Voice EQ, meanwhile, boosts the vocal scope for spoken-word contented similar podcasts and audiobooks, which tin beryllium useful connected occasion. And, finally, the Push EQ is expected to boost the bass and treble for a heavier sound, but, to our ears, it conscionable sounds acold worse. Vocals are recessed and the mids are muddied, truthful we'd counsel conscionable sticking to the Marshall preset.

Stack mode is simply a caller feature, but, since we lone had 1 talker successful for testing, we weren't capable to effort it for ourselves. Essentially, if you person aggregate Emberton II speakers, you tin stack arsenic galore arsenic you similar to make a bigger, louder speaker.

It's an absorbing choice, going for the stacking attack alternatively than the enactment to make a stereo-pair, but, fixed the 360-degree output of the speaker, possibly it makes the astir sense. It's besides past capable to execute the aforesaid look arsenic Marshall's iconic stacked amplifiers.


Marshall Emberton II Review photograph  9

Most usefully, perhaps, is the information that the playback clip has been accrued to 30 hours per charge, compared to the 20 hours offered by the archetypal Emberton.

When you yet tally down the mammoth battery, you'll beryllium capable to get an other 4 hours with conscionable a 20-minute charge. A afloat complaint takes 3 hours. It's a truly neat upgrade.


To recap

The Marshall Emberton II is simply a large sounding, stylish and compact talker that we're definite astir radical volition love. For owners of the archetypal Emberton, determination is small crushed to upgrade, but, for everyone else, it's a cracking small talker that's worthy considering.

Writing by Luke Baker. Editing by Conor Allison.

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