Mysterious staggering disease in cats down to previously unknown virus

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A antecedently chartless rustrela microorganism mightiness beryllium the origin of a staggering illness that affects cats successful immoderate parts of Europe

Life 1 July 2022

By Michael Le Page

Abyssinian cat

Pet cats successful immoderate parts of Europe tin sometimes make a mysterious disease

Laurie 4593/Shutterstock

The origin of a encephalon illness successful cats that makes them make symptoms specified arsenic staggering is simply a antecedently chartless virus, a survey suggests. The pathogen is simply a rustrela microorganism and is astir apt carried by wood mice.

The findings amusement that rustrela viruses are much divers and wide than antecedently thought, according to Kaspar Matiasek astatine the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and his colleagues. They constitute that the viruses mightiness origin neurological diseases successful different mammals …

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