NBA superstar's feud with legend intensifies

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NBA fable Charles Barkely and Kevin Durant person exchanged pleasantries successful the aftermath of the Brooklyn Nets' elimination from the NBA playoffs.

Durant took objection to Barkley's comments connected TNT's Inside the NBA pursuing the crippled 3 nonaccomplishment earlier the Nets copped the last dagger successful an embarrassing 4-0 bid nonaccomplishment to the Boston Celtics.

Barkley said Durant was playing arsenic if helium was a "bus rider," alternatively of a "bus driver" with the Nets and called into question his credentials arsenic a champion aft teaming up with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green astatine the Golden State Warriors.

Charles Barkley connected TNT. (Supplied)

"If you ain't driving the bus, don't locomotion astir talkin' 'bout you a champion," Barkley said.

Durant deed backmost connected societal media posting posting pictures of the erstwhile MVP erstwhile helium played for the Sixers and Rockets with his teammates, captioning 1 of the shots: "Where would Chuck beryllium without the homies."

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The connection Durant was trying to explicit is that Barkley, who ne'er won an NBA rubric during his career, jumped from squad to squad astatine the backend of his clip successful the league trying to triumph a championship.

The hoops Hall of Famer responded to Durant's societal media comeback from Barkley's archetypal comments that he's a "bus rider" amid the Celtics' expanse of the Nets successful the archetypal circular of the NBA playoffs.

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets looks on. (Getty)

"See, you guys ever speech astir that title worldly to me. I effort to archer y'all: All these autobus riders, they don't mean nothin' to me," Barkley said. "If you ain't drivin' the bus, don't locomotion astir talkin' bout you a champion. If you ridin' the bus, I don't wanna hear.

"You deliberation they enactment that play-in banner up yet already," Barkley added.

"I tin enactment up worldly [on societal media] astir him, Russell [Westbrook] and James [Harden] and Serge Ibaka … KD [Kevin Durant] is simply a large player. The lone constituent I was making: Life is antithetic erstwhile you're driving the bus.

"When I americium successful the country with the different Hall of Famers, I don't get to the beryllium astatine their table," Barkley said. "That's the mode it is … They are champions."

Shaquille O'Neal explained that "bus drivers means it is your team."

On the latest occurrence of the fashionable show, host, Ernie Johnson amazed Barkley with the keys to his precise ain bus, which was labelled the "Chuck Wagon."

"You're the autobus driver," Johnson told Barkley portion handing him the keys. "You gotta thrust the bus. We're done with the amusement contiguous truthful you tin instrumentality usage home."

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