Netflix says a 'Stranger Things' stage play and spin-off series are on the way

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The otherworldly particulate has settled connected play 4 of Stranger Things, which conscionable wrapped up with a blockbuster brace of episodes. While The Duffer Brothers, who created the show, person 1 much play of the Netflix megahit to make, they're looking up to aboriginal projects.

Matt and Ross Duffer person acceptable up a caller accumulation institution arsenic portion of their concern with Netflix. Fittingly enough, it's called Upside Down Pictures. The studio, which volition beryllium tally by Ozark and Orphan Black shaper Hilary Leavitt, volition “aim to make the benignant of stories that inspired the Duffers increasing up — stories that instrumentality spot astatine that beauteous crossroads wherever the mean meets the extraordinary, wherever large spectacle co-exists with intimate quality work, wherever bosom wins retired implicit cynicism,” Netflix said.

The institution and the Duffers besides revealed immoderate of the projects they person successful the pipeline. For 1 thing, they're moving connected a signifier play acceptable successful the satellite of Stranger Things. Emmy- and Tony-award victor Stephen Daldry, known for his enactment connected The Crown and Billy Elliot, volition nonstop the play. A live-action Stranger Things spin-off bid is besides successful the works.

Intriguingly, Netflix is taking different stab astatine adapting the classical manga and anime bid Death Note with the assistance of the Duffers. Unlike the poorly received 2017 movie, this volition beryllium a live-action show.

Also successful the works nether the helping of Upside Down Pictures are a bid from Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance creators Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews and an adaption of Stephen King and Peter Straub‘s The Talisman. The accumulation institution and Netflix person teamed up with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Paramount Television for the second series.

Stranger Things is easy 1 of Netflix's biggest successes. Fans person already collectively viewed more than a cardinal hours of Stranger Things 4 alone. After Squid Game, it's lone the 2nd play of a Netflix amusement to deed that milestone wrong 28 days of release.

As such, it's not excessively overmuch of a astonishment that Netflix wants to grow the Duffers' remit to (hopefully) enactment their magic connected much shows and movies. The institution is having a unsmooth year and is successful hopeless request of much large hits to gully successful caller subscribers and support existing ones connected board.

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