Nintendo is reportedly investigating claims of sexual misconduct

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Nintendo whitethorn respond rapidly to allegations of intersexual favoritism and harassment astatine its American division. A Kotaku source has reportedly shared a company-wide connection from Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser revealing that the Switch creator is "actively investigating" the misconduct claims. The steadfast "will always" look into assertions similar these and encourages workers to study violations, Bowser reportedly said.

We've asked Nintendo for comment. The institution has antecedently reacted to incidents elsewhere successful the industry, however. In November, Bowser said the accusations down the Activision Blizzard ungraded were "distressing and disturbing." Days later, Nintendo pledged to summation the fig of pistillate managers.

Several pistillate crippled testers told Kotaku that they'd faced aggregate forms of harassment and favoritism astatine Nintendo. Senior-ranking testers allegedly made unwanted advances and comments. Anti-LGBT remarks, wage gaps and attempts to suppress disapproval were besides portion of the workplace culture, according to the allegations. Female workers are believed to beryllium underrepresented astatine Nintendo arsenic a full (37 percent), and peculiarly among contract-based crippled testers (10 percent).

It's excessively soon to cognize if immoderate probe volition pb to firings oregon reforms. If accurate, however, the scoop is simply a reminder that misconduct complaints haven't been constricted to 1 developer. Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and others person had to code concerns arsenic good — it whitethorn bespeak taste issues crossed the industry.

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