NYM token jumps by over 32% after concluding a $300M fund round to develop mixnets

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NYM token has rallied by implicit 30% pursuing Harry Halpin, NYM CEO, and announcement connected raising a $300 cardinal money towards its mixnets development. It’s worthy noting that NYM received the funds aft its autochthonal token ‘NYM’ was listed connected a large crypto exchange.

 At the clip of writing, NYM is trading astatine $0.9366, up 32.34% implicit the past 24 hours.

The steadfast noted that it has been capable to triumph the spot of investors astatine a clip erstwhile Venture Capitals are dumping projects, besides, the Venture Capitalists that participated successful its earlier circular besides participated successful the latest one.

Everyone is terrified of VCs "dumping" connected projects – but successful the lawsuit of NYM, the VCs from our erstwhile rounds are doubling down connected their enactment of privateness with a $300 cardinal dev money for developers to physique connected apical of mixnets!

Details to use soon!
https://t.co/Qr6UltAg5m pic.twitter.com/rScyHuzl6d

— Nym (@nymproject) May 2, 2022

NYM is determined to supply a next-generation multipurpose mixnet that volition assistance net surveillance users. For them to beryllium capable to execute this, they noted successful a study that they raised immoderate funds from salient industries similar Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Eden Block, Polychain, Tioga Capital, and galore others.

NYM’s Venture Capital backing connected the rise

Harry Halpin successful a study revealed that implicit $50,000 cardinal has flown successful but the steadfast volition utilize the raised $300 cardinal successful antithetic phases and for aboriginal needs. Currently, NYM is processing services that volition screen each the activities successful and retired of the crypto.

In addition, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) had invested successful the NYM mentioning that NYM is moving connected solving net privateness with its mixnet by the usage of blockchain. Besides, the NYM squad and its CEO person been moving connected its privateness with projects similar Panoramix and NEXTLEAP to conscionable the idea.

This determination by the steadfast has demonstrated the precocious fig of task superior backing that are venturing into the crypto manufacture with the caller 1 being Dragonfly Capital which launched its biggest money of $650 cardinal to put successful blockchain technology. 

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