Options Trading: Alibaba Stock Sets Up For Iron Condor Trade That Could Yield 41%

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Increased regulatory scrutiny has weighed connected Alibaba banal successful caller months.


It is nary astonishment that implied volatility has gone done the extortion with Alibaba (BABA). The existent level of 43% is 1 of the highest readings successful the past 12 months.

Traders reasoning that volatility mightiness driblet portion prices stabilize could look astatine an robust condor commercialized for Alibaba stock

When volatility is high, the robust condor tin beryllium placed further retired of the money, giving the commercialized a higher accidental astatine success.

Alibaba Stock: Iron Condor

As a reminder, an robust condor combines a bull enactment dispersed and a carnivore telephone spread.

The thought with the commercialized is to nett from clip decay, with the anticipation that the banal volition not determination excessively overmuch successful either direction.

First, we instrumentality the bull enactment spread. Using the October 15 expiry, we could merchantability the 145 enactment and bargain the 140 put. The dispersed could've been sold Wednesday for astir 70 cents per share.

The carnivore telephone dispersed could beryllium placed by selling the 195 telephone and buying the 200 call. The dispersed could've been sold Wednesday for astir 70 cents.

In total, the robust condor volition make astir $1.40 successful premium.

The nett portion ranges betwixt 143.55 and 196.45. This tin beryllium calculated by taking the abbreviated strikes and adding oregon subtracting the premium received.

As some spreads are $5 wide, the maximum hazard successful the commercialized is 5 – 1.45 x 100 = $355.

Potential Return

Therefore, if we instrumentality the premium ($145) and disagreement by the maximum hazard ($355), this robust condor commercialized has the imaginable to instrumentality 40.85%.

If terms enactment stabilizes, past robust condors volition enactment well. However, if Alibaba banal continues to bounce around, the commercialized volition endure losses.

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One mode to acceptable a halt nonaccomplishment for an robust condor is based connected the premium received. In this case, we received $145, truthful we could acceptable a halt nonaccomplishment astatine 1.5 times the premium, oregon a nonaccomplishment of astir $217.

Please retrieve that options are risky, and investors tin suffer 100% of their investment.

This nonfiction is for acquisition purposes lone and not a commercialized recommendation. Remember to ever bash your ain owed diligence and consult your fiscal advisor earlier making immoderate concern decisions.

Gavin McMaster has a Masters successful Applied Finance and Investment. He specializes successful income trading utilizing options, is precise blimpish successful his benignant and believes patience successful waiting for the champion setups is the cardinal to palmy trading. Follow him connected Twitter at @OptiontradinIQ.


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