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We’ll beryllium playing matches successful Overwatch 2’s 2nd beta contiguous connected Twitch astatine 2 p.m. Central. Join editors Marcus Stewart and Andrew Reiner arsenic they effort the upcoming sequel connected for size and measurement successful connected the game’s large changes. We’ll besides beryllium playing duos successful Fortnite because, well, wherefore not?

Overwatch 2 arrives arsenic a free-to-play multiplayer crippled connected October 4, and Blizzard continues moving retired the kinks successful this caller beta. We’ll effort retired the new hero, Junker Queen, circuit the caller maps, and spot however we accommodate to the caller 5v5 format. 

We’ll play an hr of Overwatch 2 earlier switching implicit to Fortnite. Reiner, a seasoned veteran, volition transportation me, idiosyncratic who seldom touches the crippled but bought a Spider-Man tegument conscionable because, to a triumph royale. Maybe. You’ll person to tune successful and spot what happens!

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