Pop!_OS 22.04 is here, and it’s the best release yet from System76 

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on May 2, 2022, 10:23 AM PDT

Pop!_OS 22.04 is here, and it’s the champion merchandise yet from System76 

Jack Wallen takes a look astatine immoderate of the caller additions and improvements to Pop!_OS 22.04.

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At immoderate point, System76 volition merchandise a mentation of Pop!_OS that is simply a happening of its own, wholly abstracted from the desktop it was based connected … GNOME. Although Pop!_OS 22.04 isn’t that release, you tin spot the underpinnings of what’s to travel with adjacent much subtle shifts distant from that which makes GNOME, well, GNOME.

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Last week I yet completed the upgrade from Pop!_OS 21.10 (an update that wasn’t rather arsenic painless arsenic erstwhile instances) and recovered the desktop OS to beryllium adjacent much awesome connected the show broadside of things, adjacent if it’s becoming wide that System76 mightiness not privation users to beryllium capable to customize the desktop arsenic overmuch arsenic they erstwhile could. This is simply a inclination I’ve witnessed implicit the past fewer iterations, wherever less and less GNOME extensions are compatible with the COSMIC desktop. Case successful point: the upgrade to Pop!_OS 22.04 went truthful acold arsenic to region astir of the extensions I had antecedently installed. Of course, immoderate of those extensions (such arsenic Transparent Top Bar and Compiz windows effect) enactment conscionable good upon reinstallation, truthful your mileage whitethorn alteration connected what extensions volition proceed to work.

But what astir Pop!_OS 22.04 makes it worthy your portion to use?

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of the caller additions and improvements.

Pop!_OS goes pro

System76 has done thing that truly helps to basal their OS supra truthful galore different Linux distributions. If you unfastened the Settings app, you’ll find a caller tab labeled Support. Click connected that tab to uncover respective precise adjuvant features (Figure A).

Figure A

A caller   instrumentality   that should marque   getting enactment    for Pop!_OS a breeze.A caller instrumentality that should marque getting enactment for Pop!_OS a breeze.

What System76 has done is cod unneurotic everything users request to get support. Not lone tin you entree and browse the documentation, but you tin besides articulation the assemblage enactment successful Pop!_OS Chat (which is handled via Mattermost), make a enactment summons with System76 (only if you’re moving Pop!_OS connected System76 hardware) and adjacent make a log archive that tin beryllium shared with support.

This is simply a bold and important determination that each organisation designer/developer should consider. This is particularly existent for caller users, arsenic uncovering adjuvant enactment isn’t ever arsenic casual arsenic 1 mightiness find.

PipeWire has yet arrived

For years, 1 of my biggest favored peeves with Linux has been PulseAudio. I cannot statesman to archer you however galore times I’ve had problems erstwhile trying to enactment with audio successful 1 app erstwhile different app was already utilizing the service.

For example, erstwhile trying to grounds a podcast with Audacity, if immoderate different app connected my desktop was utilizing audio, I ever had to adjacent the offending app, restart PluseAudio with the pulseaudio -k command, and restart Audacity. Now, successful Audacity, I tin acceptable some input and output to PipeWire and everything works arsenic expected. No much needing to adjacent apps oregon restart the PulseAudio daemon. For me, that unsocial was worthy the upgrade.

Other additions/improvements to Pop!_OS

The bulk of the changes from 21.10 are reasonably subtle. In fact, until you commencement digging, you’d beryllium hard-pressed to find immoderate large oregon evident changes to the distribution. They are, however, determination and see specified things as:

  • Kernel 5.16
  • An improved Pop Shop acquisition (which includes a caller Recently Updated section–Figure B).

Figure B

The caller   Pop Shop Recently Updated conception  lets you cognize  immoderate   of the apps successful  the store  that person  been recently  updated.The caller Pop Shop Recently Updated conception lets you cognize immoderate of the apps successful the store that person been recently updated.
  • Automatic updates scheduling successful Settings | OS Upgrade & Recovery.
  • Improved Workspaces overview

A must-have upgrade

Although you won’t find a ample fig of deal-making oregon -breaking features, the 1 happening you can’t quantify is however System76 has pulled unneurotic capable polish and enhancements to marque Pop!_OS 1 of the astir performant Linux distributions connected the market. Pop!_OS 22.04 is simply a masterclass successful however each of the constituent pieces of an upgrade (no substance however subtle they are) tin travel unneurotic to marque thing exponentially better. This latest merchandise from System76 is hands down their champion merchandise yet. Pop!_OS continues to amended with property and I look guardant to what surprises the institution has successful caput for the aboriginal of Pop!_OS and COSMIC desktop.

Download your transcript of Pop!_OS 22.04 now.

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