Proposed Ohio legislation would criminalize AirTag stalking

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A radical of bipartisan lawmakers successful Ohio has introduced a measure to criminalize AirTag stalking. If passed by the authorities legislature, HB672 would “prohibit a idiosyncratic from knowingly installing a tracking instrumentality oregon exertion connected another’s spot without the different person’s consent.”

Ohio lawmakers decided to tackle the increasing occupation of distant tracker stalking aft 3News lobbied the authorities to instrumentality action. In February, the quality presumption recovered a loophole successful authorities instrumentality that allows those with nary anterior grounds of stalking oregon home unit to way idiosyncratic without imaginable penalty. According to an probe by the outlet, less than 2 twelve states person enacted laws against physics tracking, Ohio being among the radical that has not drafted circumstantial authorities against the behavior.

A caller report from Motherboard suggested AirTag stalking isn’t an contented constricted to a fewer high-profile incidents. After the outlet requested immoderate records mentioning AirTags from a twelve US constabulary departments, it received 150 reports. Of those, 50 progressive cases wherever women thought idiosyncratic was secretly utilizing the instrumentality to way them.

In February, Apple said it would implement further information features to forestall AirTag stalking. Later successful the year, the institution plans to adhd a precision uncovering diagnostic that volition let those with iPhone 11, 12 and 13 bid devices to find their mode to an chartless AirTag. The instrumentality volition show the absorption of and region to an unwanted AirTag. Apple said it would besides update its unwanted tracking alerts to notify radical of imaginable stalkers earlier.

“AirTag was designed to assistance radical find their idiosyncratic belongings, not to way radical oregon different person’s property, and we condemn successful the strongest imaginable presumption immoderate malicious usage of our products," the institution said astatine the time. “We plan our products to supply a large experience, but besides with information and privateness successful mind. Across Apple’s hardware, software, and services teams, we’re committed to listening to feedback.”

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