Rep. Ted Lieu Blasts Elise Stefanik For Running Vile Racist White Replacement Theory Ads

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Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) called retired Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) for moving vile and racist ads touting achromatic replacement theory.

Rep. Lieu tweeted:

I telephone again connected @GOPLeader and GOP Rep @EliseStefanik to condemn achromatic replacement theory.

I besides telephone connected Rep Elise Stefanik to apologize for moving ads promoting the vile, racist and anti-Semitic replacement theory.

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) May 16, 2022

Stefanik issued a connection astir being compared to the Buffalo shooter wherever she ne'er disavowed achromatic replacement theory:

Great Replacement Theory is simply a vile, racist and mendacious conspiracy mentation that the Buffalo murderer relied upon. GOP Rep Elise Stefanik ran ads promoting it.

Rep @EliseStefanik has present issued a connection and obscurity does she accidental “I condemn replacement theory.” Why?

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) May 16, 2022

Republicans similar Stefanik animate a home panic onslaught and past get outraged erstwhile they are called retired connected it. Stefanik threw successful the spot astir nationalist constabulary week which has thing to bash with the Buffalo shooting oregon the information that the New York congresswoman pushes a racist mentation that the Buffalo shooter utilized to warrant his actions.

The full Republican 2022 predetermination connection revolves astir racism. When Republicans speech astir babe look and the border, they are engaging successful a racist onslaught by suggesting that brownish migrant babies are getting look that achromatic babies bash not person entree to.

It is racism, and Rep. Lieu called it out.

The beliefs of skinheads and Klansmen person gone mainstream successful the Republican Party.

GOP leaders request to disavow the hatred that they are mainstreaming oregon beryllium prepared to look the consequences for the deaths that they are inspiring.

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