Samsung Galaxy Note 22 and 22 Ultra release date, rumours, features and news

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(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Galaxy S21 series launched astatine the extremity of January 2021, giving america an penetration into what we tin expect from Samsung's smartphones this year.

One of the adjacent large devices would traditionally person been the Galaxy Note 21, which successful the past has improved connected the Galaxy S scope and bettered it successful definite areas, specified arsenic plan and camera. But successful 2021 things are different, with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 having taken the Note's motorboat slot, offering enactment for the S Pen, similar the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Will the Galaxy Note proceed astatine all? Here's everything we person heard truthful acold astir the adjacent Galaxy Note, which is apt to beryllium called the Note 22 and 22 Ultra if the enactment carries on. 

Release day and price

  • Sometime successful 2022

If Samsung does proceed to connection a caller Galaxy Note, it is expected to get sometime successful 2022 alternatively than 2021 aft its mean motorboat slot was filled by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 devices.

Samsung antecedently said it is committed to the Note series, but motorboat timings whitethorn change. We fishy if this remains true, we'd spot the adjacent Note earlier than August 2022.

In presumption of price, we'd expect Samsung to motorboat the adjacent Note instrumentality - oregon devices - astir the aforesaid prices arsenic their predecessors. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 starts astatine £849 oregon $999 truthful we'd expect akin for the Note 22.


  • S Pen built in
  • Waterproof, premium
  • Under-display camera?

Most of the rumours surrounding the Note 22 bid were whether oregon not it would appear, alternatively than specifics connected what it would diagnostic and that remains the lawsuit for now.

We'd expect immoderate aboriginal Note instrumentality oregon devices to instrumentality immoderate plan details from different flagship Samsung devices, similar the rumoured S22 range for example, which is apt to motorboat first, oregon possibly astir the aforesaid time.

We'd besides expect a waterproof metallic framework sandwiched betwixt solid panels and immoderate absorbing finishes too. An under show fingerprint sensor is apt and determination should beryllium a built-in S Pen, which would differentiate it from the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Fold 3.

With the Z Fold 3 offering an under-display beforehand camera, it's imaginable immoderate aboriginal Note instrumentality could besides adopts this exertion and determination volition beryllium nary punch spread camera.


  • 120Hz refresh complaint likely
  • Flat show possible

With Samsung offering an adaptive 120Hz refresh complaint display connected each the Galaxy S21 models, it's apt immoderate aboriginal Note models would person this too, on with enactment for HDR10+. There are nary leaks connected sizes arsenic yet, but we'd expect akin to the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra if determination are 2 models.

The Note 20 has a level show with a Full HD+ resolution, portion the Note 20 Ultra has a curved show with a Quad HD+ resolution. We wouldn't beryllium amazed to spot conscionable 1 aboriginal Note model, with a level show to support costs down and truthful an enactment nether the Galaxy S21 Ultra  - oregon Galaxy S22 Ultra - with an S Pen oregon Z Fold 3 with S Pen.


  • Under-display beforehand camera reported

There haven't been an circumstantial rumours surrounding the aboriginal Note's cameras arsenic yet, different than the proposition that determination whitethorn beryllium an under-display beforehand camera. This is besides thing that appeared connected the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which launched successful August arsenic a 4-megapixel sensor.

Had the Note been arriving successful 2021, we wouldn't person been amazed to spot a akin respective loadout successful presumption of hardware to the S21 and S21 Ultra, though now, we'd apt beryllium looking astatine the S22 for much of an thought astir what to expect.

Hardware and specs

  • Qualcomm SD888 oregon Exynos 2100 successors
  • At slightest 8GB RAM likely
  • Large battery

The adjacent Samsung Galaxy Note volition apt tally processors succeeding the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 chipsets, depending connected the portion and depending connected the motorboat timeline. It's apt we'd spot astatine slightest 8GB of RAM, oregon astatine slightest 12GB RAM successful the adjacent Note Ultra model.

The Galaxy S21 bid ditched the microSD enactment for retention enlargement truthful we wouldn't beryllium amazed to spot the aforesaid applied to the aboriginal Note series.

Big batteries are besides apt successful the adjacent Note series. The Samsung Galaxy S21 bid ranges betwixt 4000mAh and 5000mAh capacities truthful we'd expect to spot astatine slightest a 4000mAh successful the adjacent Galaxy Note, though we fishy it would beryllium person to 4500mAh. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 22 rumours: What's happened truthful far?

Here is everything we person heard truthful acold surrounding the Note 22 and Note 22 Ultra.

13 September 2021: Samsung Galaxy Note 22 mightiness beryllium happening aft all

UniverseIce tweeted that idiosyncratic successful the proviso concatenation has successful information seen grounds of the Galaxy Note continuing to exist. 

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someone successful the proviso concatenation has seen grounds of the beingness of the adjacent procreation Galaxy Note.

— Ice beingness (@UniverseIce) September 11, 2021

9 September 2021: The Samsung Galaxy Note is dead, agelong unrecorded the Samsung Galaxy Note!

Notorious leaker UniverseIce highlighted connected Twitter that Samsung hasn't renewed the trademark connected Galaxy Note:

The latest trademark file did not look "Galaxy Note"

— Ice beingness (@UniverseIce) September 7, 2021

11 August 2021: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event: All the announcements that matter

Samsung held its Galaxy Unpacked event connected 11 August, wherever the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 were some revealed, alongside caller smartwatches. There was nary Note 21.

26 July 2021: Samsung confirms nary caller Note astatine August lawsuit and an S Pen for foldables

Samsung's mobile president published a blog post up of the company's Galaxy Unpacked lawsuit successful August to uncover accusation astir what radical should expect from the show, including that determination volition beryllium nary caller Note telephone successful 2021.

17 March 2021: Samsung Galaxy Note bid volition continue, but nary exemplary successful 2021

Based connected a study from Sammobile surrounding Samsung's 52nd yearly shareholder's meeting, Samsung's DJ Koh, co-CEO of Samsung's IT and Mobile Communications division, is claimed to person said that portion a Galaxy Note successful 2021 would beryllium hard due to the fact that of a superior shortage of chipsets and a clash with different products, a caller Note would beryllium coming successful 2022.

DJ Koh is said to person said the motorboat timings mightiness alteration however, truthful portion we person been utilized to seeing a Galaxy Note get successful August, it mightiness beryllium that the adjacent Galaxy Note would look earlier successful 2022 alternatively than Note users having to hold till August 2022.

28 January 2021: Samsung says S Pen enactment doesn't mean it's not committed to Note category

Speaking to T3, a Samsung spokesperson said: "Whilst we person expanded our S Pen acquisition crossed our wider Galaxy range, this does not mean we are not committed to the Galaxy Note category. To supply the champion mobile acquisition to each customers, we volition actively perceive to their feedback and bespeak this successful our merchandise innovation".

19 January 2021: Samsung Display applies for under-display camera trademark

Giz China reported Samsung Display applied for a trademark registration for an under-display oregon sub-screen camera, called "Under Panel Camera". Could this travel to the Note 21?

12 January 2021: Samsung Galaxy Note 21 whitethorn person appeared with under-display camera

LetsGoDigital spotted an unreleased instrumentality successful Samsung's authoritative CES videos that amusement a smartphone without a punch spread for the beforehand camera, suggesting it has an under-display camera. There is immoderate speculation suggesting the instrumentality could beryllium the Note 21 Ultra.

16 December 2020: Samsung denies rumours of Galaxy Note bid discontinuing

In an interrogation with Yonhap News Agency, an anonymous Samsung authoritative was quoted saying: "We are preparing to merchandise the Galaxy Note bid adjacent year". 

1 December 2020: Samsung whitethorn discontinue high-end Galaxy Note smartphones

Reuters reported that 3 sources had claimed Samsung didn't presently person plans to make a caller mentation of the Note for 2021. It was besides said the improvement efforts were being redirected to its foldable scope instead.

29 November 2020: Report suggests we whitethorn lone get the Note 21 adjacent year

ET News reported that 2021 whitethorn lone spot 1 Galaxy Note instrumentality released pursuing the instauration of enactment for the S Pen successful the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the rumoured enactment coming to the Z Fold 3. The study claimed the simplification to 1 exemplary was to "reduce the value of the Note series".

15 November 2020: No grounds of Galaxy Note 21 arsenic yet

Leaker Ice Universe - who antecedently claimed the Note 21 wouldn't needfully vanish conscionable due to the fact that the S21 Ultra got enactment for the S Pen - tweeted again saying determination is nary accusation connected the improvement of the Note 21 Series.

An antithetic clue: There is presently nary accusation connected the improvement of the Note21 series.

— Ice beingness (@UniverseIce) November 15, 2020

2 October 2020: Samsung Galaxy Note 21 volition beryllium released adjacent year

Korean quality tract Herald Corp reported: "The Note 21, the successor to the Galaxy Note series, volition beryllium released adjacent year".

The tract besides said though that applying the Note's features to the Galaxy S scope is simply a strategy to "absorb Note customers into the Galaxy S series".

24 August 2020: Tweet suggests Note 21 inactive an option, adjacent if S21 supports S Pen

Leaker Ice Universe claimed that "the output and terms of the Z Fold 3 are not capable to regenerate the Note arsenic Samsung's main flagship successful the 2nd fractional of the year, and Note is inactive a warrant of shipment".

Even if the Galaxy S21 Ultra uses S Pen, it does not mean that Note21 volition disappear.

— Ice beingness (@UniverseIce) August 24, 2020

20 July 2018: Samsung striving to unify Galaxy S and Note

Way backmost successful 2018, The Bell reported that Samsung was talking astir unifying the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines to forestall profibility deterioration.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 10 February 2021.

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