Samsung Galaxy Note 22 might be happening after all

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(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Galaxy Note series has made headlines again. Its aboriginal has been up successful the aerial for a portion now, with a fig of conflicting reports, immoderate of which assertion we volition spot a exemplary successful 2022 and others saying we won't spot different exemplary astatine all.

On 9 September it was reported that Samsung hadn't renewed the trademark for the Galaxy Note name, leaving immoderate to presume that meant the decease of the enactment aft all, adjacent though Samsung had antecedently said it was inactive committed to the bid but determination would beryllium nary caller exemplary successful 2021.

The latest report supports this, with Ice Universe - who antecedently broke the trademark communicative - tweeting that idiosyncratic successful the proviso concatenation has successful information seen grounds of the Galaxy Note continuing to exist. 

someone successful the proviso concatenation has seen grounds of the beingness of the adjacent procreation Galaxy Note.

— Ice beingness (@UniverseIce) September 11, 2021

Samsung has neither confirmed nor denied whether the Note enactment would proceed pursuing the astir caller rumours. It is plausible that it won't considering the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the S Pen - 1 of the main features of the Note bid - and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 besides supports an S Pen.

That said, the proposition of grounds supporting its beingness does acceptable with different reports that Samsung hasn't fixed up connected the scope but the motorboat timing whitethorn change. The motorboat of the Note antecedently typically took spot successful August but astatine the infinitesimal it's not wide when, oregon if, the Note 22 volition appear.

You tin support way of the each the conflicting rumours successful our abstracted Note 22 feature though.

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