Samsung meets Bridgerton for funny Galaxy S22 advert, see it here

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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has accompanied its Galaxy S22 series motorboat with a cheeky advert made successful conjunction with the squad down Netflix deed Bridgerton.

The advertisement was made with the accumulation institution Shondaland and stars Golda Rosheuvel who reprises her relation arsenic Queen Charlotte. She seems unamused by a fig of inventions that are paraded successful beforehand of her, until pictures of Samsung's S22 household of phones are brought to her attention. It's conscionable a shame she'll person to hold 209 years until the phones go reality.

It's each a spot of amusive and is bound to rise a giggle oregon 2 from Bridgerton fans. You tin ticker it astatine the apical of this page.

The Samsunng Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+ and Galaxy S22 Ultra devices person each been announced during Samsung's Unpacked presumption shown today, Wednesday 9 February 2022.

The S22 and S22+ are akin successful plan and features, with the show being the main differentiator - 6.1 and 6.6-inches respectively.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is simply a antithetic kettle of food as, with its included S Pen stylus, it is much a replacement for the Galaxy Note bid arsenic thing else. It's genuinely Samsung's flagship for 2022.

You tin cheque retired much successful our round-up here: Samsung Galaxy S22 vs S22 Plus vs S22 Ultra: What are the differences?

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