Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t the end of the Note line (not really, anyway)

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Don’t accidental goodbye to the Galaxy Note yet. When Samsung launched the Galaxy S22 Ultra today, it said the caller flagship merges “the champion of 2 smartphone legacies,” bringing unneurotic the S Pen, camera and different power-user features into 1 device. With its onboard S Pen slot, chiseled rectangular signifier and premium specs, it’s casual to deliberation of the S22 Ultra arsenic a Note replacement. And successful galore ways it is. But does that mean Samsung is done with the Note altogether? According to Samsung’s vice president of merchandise absorption Drew Blackard, the abbreviated reply is no.

The longer reply is simply a small much complicated. Setting speech the information that you tin ne'er accidental never, Samsung (along with galore different companies) says it makes decisions astir its merchandise roadmap based connected lawsuit feedback. That means if capable radical clamor for a caller Note, Samsung mightiness bring it back. Still, though helium won’t regularisation retired thing for the future, Blackard told Engadget that successful the adjacent word determination are nary plans for a caller Note device. “There’s not going to beryllium a caller merchandise successful the existent portfolio with Note successful its name,” helium said.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra showing its screen-off memo diagnostic   connected  the fastener  surface  with an S Pen laid crossed  it.

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But the Note branding isn’t wholly going away. “I can’t beryllium wide enough, this is conscionable an improvement of Note for us,” Blackard said. “It’s not the extremity of the Note.” He pointed retired that the S22 motorboat lawsuit unsocial volition notation Note-like features respective times. “It conscionable happens there’s not a instrumentality called Note close now,” helium said.

What that means is features that were hallmarks of the Note line, peculiarly the S Pen, volition proceed to beryllium embedded into Samsung’s different products. The company’s stylus has already shown up successful its tablets, laptops and foldables successful immoderate form.

Now that the S22 Ultra has an onboard slot, it’s similar a Pokemon that has completed its improvement into the Note. “We're going to beryllium telling Note users that S22 Ultra is the instrumentality for them,” Blackard said. “It's the earthy measurement up.”

“We would reason we don’t marque excessively galore damn phones.”

Consolidating the Note and Ultra bid makes sense. There was already a ton of overlap betwixt them, and Samsung was, in my humble opinion, already making excessively galore damn phones. Blackard himself acknowledged that determination was “a batch of commonality” betwixt Note and Ultra users. But helium besides said, “We would reason we don’t marque excessively galore damn phones.”

Blackard believes “we marque a breadth of prime for a precise divers market.” To him, the situation is successful communicating intelligibly to consumers truthful they person the accusation to take the close telephone for them.

To beryllium fair, the Note bid did connection an onboard S Pen successful a tinier, cheaper handset. (Remember the Note 10 Lite?) Having a dedicated bid allowed Samsung to connection much configurations, similar a smaller mentation of the Note. But according to Blackard, erstwhile antithetic versions were offered, a disproportionately ample information of radical bought the Note’s Ultra variants.

With foldable phones joining the yearly motorboat lineup implicit the past fewer years, Samsung’s calendar was starting to look stacked. Substituting the accustomed Note lawsuit successful the autumn with thing dedicated to the Z-series foldables besides makes things easier. Plus, Samsung is expected to yet adhd an onboard S Pen slot to the Z Fold series, truthful who knows, the Note sanction mightiness resurface there. A Galaxy Note Fold? That would marque consciousness to me.

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