Scott's legal team slams NRL over contract chaos

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The ineligible squad for erstwhile Canberra centre Curtis Scott has slammed the NRL's determination to ban the 24-year-old from training with Parramatta.

Scott was arrested past week and charged with humanities home unit offences against his erstwhile girlfriend, allegations helium denies.

In the aftermath of those charges the NRL ruled retired registering a trial-and-train declaration with Parramatta.

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Scott's lawyer, Sam Macedone, told the Sydney Morning Herald that determination could spot the erstwhile Melbourne premiership-winning centre beryllium retired the full season, with the anticipation the lawsuit won't spell to proceedings until September.

"We volition beryllium vigorously defending the charges," Macedone said.

"I americium going to effort and get [a proceeding date] a batch earlier. Otherwise, helium won't beryllium playing shot this twelvemonth until this gets sorted out, and he's done thing wrong."

Scott's manager, Sam Ayoub, besides deed retired astatine the NRL implicit the determination to artifact his woody with Parramatta.

Sacked Raiders centre Curtis Scott. (Getty)

Ayoub told the Herald the NRL took nary enactment erstwhile the alleged unfortunate approached the governing assemblage successful 2018 with claims of stalking.

A elder constabulary root separately told Wide World of Sports the NRL and its Integrity Unit had "let the alleged unfortunate down precise badly" successful its handling of the case.

Ayoub said the determination to contradict Scott the accidental to bid with the Eels was frustrating fixed the deficiency of enactment 4 years ago.

"We conscionable person to fto the process instrumentality its course," helium explained.

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