Sony's Quantum Dot OLED TVs will start at $3,000

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Sony has divulged the pricing for its 2022 Bravia 4K and 8K TVs, and it won't astonishment you to perceive that the cutting-edge models volition bid a premium. Most notably, the Quantum Dot OLED-based Bravia XR Master A95K series (pictured above) volition commencement astatine $3,000 for a 55-inch model, and ascent to $4,000 for a 65-inch set. Both 4K screens volition beryllium disposable to pre-order successful June. They surely aren't the astir costly TVs you tin buy, but you're intelligibly paying other for the larger QD-OLED colour range, the flexible basal setup and bundled video chat camera.

Most of the remaining TVs are decidedly much affordable. If you similar mini-LED to OLED, the X95K series volition statesman astatine $2,800 for a 65-inch 4K sheet and ascent to $5,500 for the 85-inch variant. They'll beryllium disposable to pre-order this summer. You besides person lower-priced accepted OLED options. The compact, gaming-friendly A90K (with pre-orders successful July) volition outgo $1,400 for a 42-inch show and $1,500 for its 48-inch counterpart (June). Opt for the larger A80K and you'll wage betwixt $2,000 and $3,800 for sets ranging from 55 to 77 inches, with astir pre-orders opening this month. The 'entry' LED-based X90K volition outgo $1,400 for a 55-inch exemplary and apical retired astatine $3,300 for 85 inches, with astir pre-orders besides starting successful May.

And yes, 8K is inactive costly astatine Sony. You'll wage $7,000 for a 75-inch Z9K, and $10,000 for the 85-inch equivalent. Both are mini-LED TVs and volition see the camera from the A95K erstwhile pre-orders unfastened successful the summer.

There's nary uncertainty Sony's OLED sets volition look pricey compared to some LG and Samsung models. However, it's evident Sony is betting its representation prime and plan touches volition motivate you to walk more. We'd adhd that it's 1 of the fewer high-end brands to basal its lineups astir Android TV and Google TV. If you're not fond of webOS (LG) oregon Tizen (Samsung), this whitethorn beryllium your champion bet.

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