SoundCloud buys an AI music company to help discover hidden gems

2 months ago 25
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SoundCloud wants to marque it easier to find must-listen tunes buried heavy successful its catalog. TechCrunch notes the institution has bought Musiio, an AI euphony curation company. The firm's exertion uses AI to "listen" to songs, tag them and slot them into playlists. Ideally, this improves the chances of discovering tracks you like, whether they're from an established creator oregon a caller chamber DJ.

The companies didn't disclose the presumption of the deal, but said Musiio would "become core" to SoundCloud's find system. Musiio volition inactive connection its exertion to different companies.

The 2 haven't revealed their nonstop plans oregon an integration timeline. However, it's casual to spot advantages for some SoundCloud and listeners. The institution could usage Musiio's AI to spot a breakthrough creator earlier a statement oregon rival work poaches them. It mightiness besides summation play counts for galore songs and person indie performers to instrumentality around. You, meanwhile, mightiness perceive to much varied playlists and observe a breakthrough opus earlier it reaches the charts.

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