SpaceX secures five more NASA astronaut missions as part of a $1.4 billion contract

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As expected, NASA has ordered 5 much astronaut missions from SpaceX successful a caller $1.44 cardinal contract, raising the full fig of Crew Dragon launches to 14. It's designed to guarantee a dependable travel of unit members to the International Space Station (ISS), arsenic SpaceX rival Boeing struggles to get its ain Starliner unit strategy launch-ready. 

The latest grant "allows NASA to support an uninterrupted U.S. capableness for quality entree to the abstraction presumption until 2030, with 2 unsocial commercialized unit manufacture partners," the abstraction bureau said successful a property release. It brings the full Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) declaration with SpaceX to $4.93 billion. 

SpaceX was certified for unit proscription successful November 2020, launching its latest Crew-4 ngo connected April 27, 2022. Earlier this year, NASA announced that it would bid 3 further missions for $900 million, upping its archetypal $2.6 cardinal declaration to $3.49 billion. 

All of this is to the detriment of Boeing, which has suffered galore delays with its Starliner capsule that's compatible with ULA's Atlas V and different rockets. Following a agelong hold owed to valve issues, the latest unmanned trial formation launched connected May 19th this year, with the capsule returning to Earth six days later. The archetypal crewed formation was primitively planned for 2017, but inactive hasn't launched. Boeing and NASA are present targeting aboriginal 2023 for the archetypal ngo carrying astronauts. 

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