Spotify is testing NFT galleries on artist pages

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In summation to their latest tracks and playlists, musicians tin usage Spotify’s creator illustration pages to beforehand merchandise and performance dates. Soon, they whitethorn beryllium capable to usage those pages to beforehand NFTs arsenic well. As archetypal reported by Music Ally, Spotify has begun investigating NFT galleries. The diagnostic is disposable to a prime radical of US users connected Android and includes Web3 enthusiasts similar Steve Aoki.

If you person entree to the test, you tin presumption the galleries by visiting 1 of the included creator pages and scrolling past the opus list. Tapping connected an NFT allows you to spot a larger mentation of it, successful summation to a abbreviated description. Per The Verge, a “See More” enactment redirects you to the NFT’s OpenSea listing leafage wherever you tin acquisition the token. According to Music Ally, Spotify isn’t collecting a committee connected income it helps facilitate during the test.

“Spotify is moving a trial successful which it volition assistance a tiny radical of artists beforehand their existing third-party NFT offerings via their creator profiles,” Spotify told the outlet. “We routinely behaviour a fig of tests successful an effort to amended creator and instrumentality experiences. Some of those tests extremity up paving the mode for a broader acquisition and others service lone arsenic an important learning.”

We’ve reached retired to Spotify for much information.

The trial comes arsenic different large platforms similar Instagram incorporated their ain NFT features adjacent arsenic the marketplace cools down. Citing information from NonFungible, The Wall Street Journal recently recovered that regular NFT income are down 92 percent from their highest successful September. The fig of progressive wallets is besides down by astir 88 percent. 

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