‘Stardew Valley’ has sold more than 20 million copies

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Six years aft its archetypal release, Stardew Valley has sold much than 20 cardinal copies. Creator Eric Barone shared quality of the accomplishment successful an update posted to the game’s press site and an interrogation with PC Gamer. "The 20 cardinal copies milestone is truly amazing," helium told the outlet.

But what’s adjacent much awesome is the expanding gait of Stardew Valley’s sales. It took 4 years for the crippled to merchantability its archetypal 10 cardinal copies. Since September 2021, it has sold 5 cardinal units. "The mean regular income of Stardew Valley are higher contiguous than astatine immoderate point," Barone said. "I'm not precisely definite wherefore that is. My anticipation is that the crippled is conscionable continuing to dispersed via connection of mouth, and the much radical that are playing it, the much radical volition stock the crippled with their friends.”

Barone told PC Gamer he plans to proceed moving connected Stardew Valley but is present chiefly focused connected Haunted Chocolatier, a caller enactment RPG helium announced past fall. "Ultimately I person to travel my bosom oregon other the prime of the contented volition suffer," Barone said.

Twenty cardinal copies sold is an awesome feat for immoderate game, fto unsocial 1 that a azygous idiosyncratic developed. Barone began moving connected Stardew Valley after graduating with a machine subject grade from the University of Washington Tacoma. He recovered that helium couldn’t onshore a presumption successful his tract pursuing the 2008 fiscal crisis, truthful helium started processing the crippled to hone his craft. He past spent the adjacent 4 years moving connected the task earlier yet releasing Stardew Valley astatine the commencement of 2016. Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier documents the full saga successful his fantabulous 2017 publication Blood, Sweat, and Pixels.

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