Sucker Punch Says It’s Not Working On Infamous Or Sly Cooper, And No Other Studio Is Either

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Sucker Punch Productions, the workplace down 2020’s deed caller IP Ghost of Tsushima, has revealed it is not moving connected thing related to its erstwhile Infamous and Sly Cooper franchises. The workplace besides says that nary different developer is moving connected projects related to the franchises. 

This quality comes from a caller blog post highlighting Sucker Punch’s 25th anniversary. Since opening its doors much than 20 years ago, the workplace has worked connected Rocket: Robot connected Wheels, the fashionable Sly Cooper platformer series, the superpowered Infamous series, and of course, Ghost of Tsushima. In this blog post, though, the workplace clarifies immoderate things amidst rumors of a Sly Cooper 5 and an Infamous remake. 

Sly Cooper

“As our games proceed to turn successful standard and complexity, they necessitate the afloat attraction of our studio,” the blog station reads. “With our absorption connected our existent project, we person nary plans to revisit Infamous oregon Sly Cooper close now, and nary different workplace is presently moving connected projects related to those franchises either. These characters are precise peculiar and adjacent and beloved to our hearts, truthful portion we’d ne'er accidental ne'er to re-opening those doors down the road, for now, determination are nary Infamous oregon Sly Cooper games successful development.” 

Elsewhere, the workplace says it volition soon perform maintenance connected Infamous 2 UGC servers to determination them to a caller location allowing them to enactment up longer. However, Sucker Punch says it volition yet request to sunset the servers but “[we] privation to support them moving for arsenic agelong arsenic imaginable for players who are inactive active.” Sucker Punch is besides moving connected getting Infamous Second Son’s Cole’s Legacy DLC, antecedently lone disposable arsenic portion of the game’s Collector’s Edition, connected the PlayStation Store successful each territories. 

“Thank you to everyone for an unthinkable 24+ years of support,” Sucker Punch writes. “Your emotion and appreciation are what substance america to support making caller games and caller worlds, and we look guardant to continuing to bring caller and breathtaking ideas to beingness for galore years to come. We’re not acceptable to speech astir immoderate mightiness beryllium next, but we anticipation you’ll support pursuing america whenever we’re acceptable to stock more.” 

My money’s connected a sequel to Ghost of Tsushima, but who knows what the studio’s moving connected close now. Hopefully, we volition larn soon. For now, work Game Informer’s Ghost of Tsushima review

Would you similar a Sly Cooper 5 oregon an Infamous remake? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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