TeamViewer vs. Remote Desktop

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The quality to entree a distant instrumentality is often necessary, whether you request to usage its applications, show its performance, oregon transportation files betwixt devices. Remote desktop bundle systems similar TeamViewer and Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol facilitate these connections truthful that users and web administrators tin afloat power and support devices remotely.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is simply a bundle solution for distant instrumentality entree and power that enables users to entree computers and mobile devices for distant absorption and maintenance. It works with astir instrumentality platforms, specified arsenic macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. Many users utilize TeamViewer to lick IT problems, digitize workflows, collaborate, remotely entree devices, and payment from centralized IT management.

What is Remote Desktop?

Remote Desktop Protocol is simply a unafraid web Microsoft proprietary protocol for connecting to a distant device. The solution enables users to link to Windows machines done a web transportation to usage and power a distant PC oregon virtual application. Common usage cases for Remote Desktop Protocol would beryllium to entree tools and bundle connected distant devices, speech information betwixt devices, and diagnose issues.

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TeamViewer vs. Remote Desktop diagnostic comparison

Common features of TeamViewer and Remote Desktop

Remote machine connection

Microsoft distant    desktop connection. Image: Microsoft Tech Community

TeamViewer provides distant instrumentality entree and functionality for transferring files, troubleshooting IT issues, and remotely accessing important information. Users of TeamViewer summation entree to their VPN alternative, which helps to facilitate accelerated and unafraid distant connections. It tin enactment connections to devices adjacent if they are down firewalls truthful agelong arsenic the TeamViewer lawsuit is installed.

Unlike Remote Desktop Protocol, TeamViewer provides cross-platform entree for connection betwixt immoderate 2 devices that enactment Windows, Linux, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS, oregon Android. In addition, their TeamViewer Host solution lets users remotely entree machines, servers, and Android devices adjacent if they are unattended. Other adjuvant aspects see distant surface sharing capabilities for iPhone and iPad connections, a achromatic surface diagnostic for unafraid distant desktop access, and the quality to aftermath up distant computers successful slumber mode.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol connects devices to distant Windows machines to let for unafraid web communications. This is made imaginable arsenic the protocol provides entree done a dedicated web channel, and the bundle tin theoretically enactment up to 64,000 unsocial channels. Data transmission sessions are encrypted, and it besides uses distant information retention to supply beardown carnal security.

The protocol’s graphical idiosyncratic interface enables the distant idiosyncratic to entree applications and files connected the connected device. In addition, Remote Desktop Protocol transfers representation information from the distant device, transfers dependable from the distant instrumentality to the section machine, lets users tally azygous applications remotely, and enables users to entree their section printers during a session. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection instrumentality is designed lone to let distant entree to Windows PCs.

Device monitoring and control

teamviewer distant    monitoring toolsImage: TeamViewer

TeamViewer provides respective noteworthy capabilities for monitoring and controlling devices remotely. Their Remote Management diagnostic tin beryllium deployed done TeamViewer and integrated wrong the TeamViewer Management Console. It tin remotely show hardware and bundle areas, specified arsenic CPU usage, disk space, representation usage, disk health, anti-virus bundle status, and more. Users tin presumption and export broad real-time reports connected each monitored devices and spot humanities accusation connected each of their monitored devices. Users whitethorn besides configure their strategy settings to supply instant alerts wrong the TeamViewer lawsuit oregon email notifications. These alerts tin notify users erstwhile their monitoring thresholds are crossed, truthful they tin ever beryllium alert of the presumption of their distant machines.

Users of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol tin utilize the Remote Session Monitoring and Control Protocol, enabling protocol clients to show and power Windows sessions connected a protocol server. The exertion allows for aggregate clients to tally connected the aforesaid machine, and a server tin beryllium managed by aggregate clients astatine a time. It is applicable for situations wherever users request to show oregon negociate Remote Desktop Protocol sessions connected the server. The lawsuit instrumentality initiates connection with the server instrumentality (unless the strategy has been configured to person the server instrumentality supply lawsuit notifications to the client’s device). The protocol uses SOAP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols to alteration distant monitoring and absorption of Windows sessions implicit a network.

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Remote record access/sharing

TeamViewer provides flexible options for sharing files and transferring delicate information betwixt devices. The bundle contains a shared clipboard truthful users tin transcript files and information from 1 instrumentality to the clipboard, past paste them wrong different device. Users tin besides instrumentality connected further record transportation methods arsenic well, including resistance and driblet record transferring from 1 machine to different oregon linking files to unreality storage. Shared information is secured done end-to-end encryption for extortion against unauthorized access. TeamViewer’s record sharing options besides enactment their galore collaboration features, which let squad members to stock accusation and pass done substance chatting, distant league recording, dependable and video conferencing, and optimized information transferring.

Remote Desktop Protocol enables clients connected server machines to entree and get files from the distant devices they person connected to. One mode the strategy tin bash this is done the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, which utilizes the Remote Desktop Protocol strategy to alteration users to entree to execute a distant desktop transportation record transfer. Before connecting and sharing, the strategy lets users customize their record settings to their perfect preferences. Access to files besides means that users tin people documents from distant devices. However, a downside to this record transportation method is that utilizing Remote Desktop Protocol does impact a record size regulation of 2 GB.

Choosing TeamViewer vs. Remote Desktop

TeamViewer and Remote Desktop Protocol are bundle solutions that each incorporate features for accessing distant devices. Though based connected the features and capabilities offered with each product, 1 tin reason that they person precise antithetic usage cases. For example, TeamViewer is an online collaboration bundle strategy that contains adjuvant features to enactment distant connections betwixt galore instrumentality combinations. However, it besides provides respective collaboration tools and further features specified arsenic broad reporting and humanities information. This tin each beryllium large for organizations looking for a merchandise with extended capabilities that tin not lone supply distant instrumentality accessibility but besides enactment their squad connection and assistance them show their instrumentality security.

However, successful the lawsuit of TeamViewer vs. Remote Desktop, terms points should beryllium considered. While the TeamViewer merchandise contains galore large features, it is priced starting astatine $83.40 per twelvemonth for 1 idiosyncratic to entree 3 designated computers and $298.80 per twelvemonth for 1 licensed idiosyncratic to entree its much extended features. On the different hand, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol provides a basal mentation of their bundle for escaped with Microsoft Office Online. So portion it whitethorn not incorporate galore of the other features and capabilities included with TeamViewer, it whitethorn beryllium worthy of your information if your enactment uses Microsoft Office and each you necessitate is unafraid access, record sharing, and monitoring features. Of course, if this is the case, beryllium definite that you volition lone request distant connections to Windows devices, arsenic this is each that is the lone level supported by Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol.

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