Tezos (XTZ) aims for $2 after consolidating above a key support zone

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The crypto marketplace is stabilizing aft steep losses past week. Most coins are trying to make request for bullish runs, and Tezos (XTZ) is not immoderate different. The coin successful information looks poised for a decent uptrend successful the coming days. Check retired the main takeaways below:

  • XTZ is consolidating supra its important $1.6 enactment zone

  • If the terms enactment remains supra this portion astatine the adjacent of trading today, XTZ could trial $2.

  • Despite this, the coin remains successful a semipermanent bearish trend.

Data Source: TradingView 

How soon volition XTZ transverse $2?

It’s really not casual to reply this. As you know, sentiment successful crypto implicit the past fewer months has been rather hard to predict. At the moment, it seems investors stay fearful arsenic headwinds successful the marketplace proceed to hitch distant profits. 

However, we expect XTZ to brushwood crossed $2 successful the days ahead. The cardinal for the altcoin would beryllium to support the $1.6 support. As agelong arsenic bulls support the terms enactment supra this portion astatine the extremity of trading today, past we volition spot much upside towards $2. 

But determination is of people a hazard that $1.6 could beryllium lost. If this happens, XTZ volition apt bottommost astatine $1.3 oregon thereabout earlier it makes a comeback. However, contempt this short-term upside, the wide inclination for XTZ remains bearish. The coin volition apt accelerate losses successful Q2 2022.

Is Tezos a bully coin?

If you are looking astatine the worth proposition that Tezos offers, past you volition hold it is simply a decent project. The caller slump successful the terms is nevertheless worrying. XTZ is successful information down 80% this year. 

Nonetheless, we expect immoderate betterment earlier 2022 is out, particularly if wide sentiment successful the marketplace starts to improve. Based connected these metrics, XTZ should beryllium a decent bargain for semipermanent investors.

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