The Murdaugh Murder Mystery Takes on a New Twist

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U.S.|Lawyer Is Shot Months After Unsolved Killing of His Wife and Son

Alex Murdaugh, the descendant of a salient household of lawyers successful agrarian South Carolina, was changeable connected Saturday, astir 3 months aft his woman and lad were killed astatine their home.

An entranceway  to the agrarian  property  of Alex and Maggie Murdaugh successful  Colleton County, S.C., successful  June.
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Sept. 4, 2021, 8:02 p.m. ET

For astir 3 months, the question of who killed the woman and son of Alex Murdaugh, a salient lawyer successful agrarian South Carolina, has gripped the state’s Lowcountry portion arsenic harrowing details of the transgression emerged but the constabulary made nary arrests.

On Saturday, the enigma deepened further erstwhile Mr. Murdaugh himself was changeable successful the caput portion changing a tyre connected the broadside of the road, according to his lawyer, Jim Griffin, who said Mr. Murdaugh was conscious and capable to talk connected the telephone from his infirmary bed.

Mr. Murdaugh told 1 of his brothers from the infirmary that helium had pulled implicit to alteration the tyre erstwhile idiosyncratic successful a motortruck drove past him, past drove backmost astir and changeable him, Mr. Griffin said.

Tommy Crosby, a spokesperson for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, the constabulary bureau that is investigating the archetypal treble killing, confirmed that Mr. Murdaugh had been changeable successful Hampton County, a agrarian region that borders Georgia, but said helium could supply nary much details.

Mr. Murdaugh is simply a lawyer whose father, gramps and great-grandfather each served arsenic the apical authoritative for a wide swath of the confederate portion of the authorities implicit much than 8 decades, forming a ineligible dynasty that has made radical wonderment whether they were targeted.

On June 7, helium returned to his family’s location successful Islandton, a hamlet of less than 100 people, and discovered his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, and his son, Paul Murdaugh, a assemblage student, fatally shot.

Since then, questions person swirled astir whom the perpetrator could be, and the household has received aggravated scrutiny, peculiarly implicit the information that Paul Murdaugh was, astatine the clip of his death, awaiting proceedings connected charges of boating nether the power related to a 2019 clang that killed a 19-year-old pistillate who was a passenger.

Documents and videos released since Paul Murdaugh’s death person raised questions astir whether the constabulary were sloppy oregon gave him favorable treatment, though they person denied that. In 1 case, a rider connected the vessel told a Department of Natural Resources serviceman that Paul Murdaugh had been driving the boat, but the serviceman wrote successful a study that the rider had said helium was not definite who was driving.

In June, Alex Murdaugh pledged a $100,000 reward for accusation that led to a condemnation against whoever killed his woman and son.

His household has said small astir the case, though Mr. Murdaugh’s brothers said successful a tv interview soon aft the sidesplitting that the household was “hurting” and that they disquieted they had not taken threats against Paul Murdaugh implicit the boating clang earnestly enough.

On Saturday, Mr. Griffin said the shooting of his lawsuit had lone worsened the family’s suffering.

“It’s shocking and precise disturbing, without a question,” Mr. Griffin said. “It makes america each wonderment what the hell’s going on.”

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