The Wolf Among Us 2 Reveal Stream With Game Informer

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The Wolf Among Us is simply a cult deed amongst fans of developer Telltale Games' chiseled signifier of storytelling. But erstwhile the workplace ran into fiscal occupation backmost successful 2018, the satellite implicit wasn't definite if they'd spot the continued tales of Bigby Wolf. Today fans are successful for a treat, though, arsenic we yet get to spot what's down the curtain connected The Wolf Among Us 2 arsenic we respond unrecorded with you connected Twitch.

Join Ben Reeves, Alex Stadnik, and Wesley LeBlanc arsenic they spouse with Telltale Games and ticker the studio's uncover watercourse contiguous on with the beauteous Game Informer community. We'll beryllium determination a small aboriginal to sermon wherefore we're excited for the instrumentality of the cult classic, what we're hoping to spot from the day's events, and get you hyped for the remainder of the show. We're going unrecorded earlier the lawsuit astatine 12 p.m. CT, truthful beryllium definite to articulation america successful the chat for each the amusive and fto america cognize what you're excited to see.

Want to cognize much astir Telltale Games and The Wolf Among Us 2? We precocious sat down with the team to larn much astir Bigby Wolf's highly sought-after return. We besides chatted with them astir the studio's eventful past fewer years and what projects they deliberation gamers should beryllium looking guardant to, penned by our ain Wesley LeBlanc.

Thanks for watching with us, and we anticipation you bask the show! If you bask our unrecorded streams, beryllium definite to caput implicit to our Twitch channel, wherever you tin propulsion america a subscription and beryllium entered into our community Discord and enactment up to the infinitesimal with Replay, Multiplayer Monday, and our Thursday gameplay streams! If you can't get capable unrecorded content, we are besides streaming the archetypal Nintendo Direct of 2022, starting astatine 3:30 p.m. CT!

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