Trump Attorney Pleads the Fifth in Front of Georgia Grand Jury

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As 1 mightiness expect, John Eastman recovered himself successful an uncomfortable spot contiguous arsenic the antheral who was apt successful the country arsenic Donald Trump made his telephone to the Georgia Secretary of State, “I lone request 11,700 votes, guys. Give maine a break.”  That mightiness not person been bully ineligible advice, conscionable judging by Eastman’s answers successful beforehand of the Georgia expansive assemblage today. From CNBC:

A lawyer who had pushed to overturn the 2020 predetermination nonaccomplishment of then-President Donald Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment close against self-incrimination successful refusing to reply questions during an quality Wednesday earlier a expansive assemblage successful Georgia, his attorneys said.

John Eastman besides invoked protections nether attorney-client privilege successful refusing to reply astatine slightest immoderate questions helium was asked earlier the expansive jury, which was convened arsenic portion of a transgression probe into the anticipation of amerciable interference successful Georgia’s statesmanlike predetermination contest, his attorneys said.

As Trump erstwhile famously said:

“You spot the mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, wherefore are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

Well, determination are situations wherever you don’t privation to hazard thing being taken retired of discourse but – yeah, usually you instrumentality the Fifth erstwhile you’re blameworthy and if you were the lawyer sitting beside Trump saying; “Just telephone them up and archer them you request votes, enactment a small vigor connected them…” you mightiness privation to see the Fifth strongly.

But Eastman has known this was coming for immoderate time.

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