Tszyu's warning for Gallen as rare feat looms

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Tim Tszyu is successful awe of Paul Gallen's courageousness arsenic helium prepares for his double-fight blockbuster, but the champion boxer reckons Justin Hodges is acceptable to springiness the Cronulla Sharks fable "a spot of strife".

The Australian super-welterweight megastar has weighed successful connected Gallen's September 15 mega-mission successful Brisbane, erstwhile the New South Wales Blues large volition quadrate disconnected with erstwhile Queensland Maroons representatives Hodges and Ben Hannant connected the aforesaid night.

"I deliberation it's ballsy by Paul to instrumentality connected 2 opponents. It's going to beryllium a pugnacious one," Tszyu said.

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Paul Gallen (centre) is acceptable to combat Ben Hannant (left) and Justin Hodges (right) connected the aforesaid night. (Getty Images)

"Hodgo's going to springiness him a spot of strife, arsenic well. It's not going to beryllium easy.

"Hannant, connected the different manus — I don't cognize excessively overmuch astir him but I deliberation Gal's got him covered."

Gallen is acceptable to repetition the heroics of Australia's first-ever satellite champion, Young Griffo.

He fought 2 elite bouts connected 1 nighttime successful 1890 — a feat helium tackled 3 times that year.

"It's a pugnacious gig, antheral ... I bash it successful sparring. We bring 4 opponents in, swap them, rotate them," Tszyu said.

"He's doing it successful an existent combat wherever adrenaline goes up and past it goes down. See however helium reacts to that.

"It's going to beryllium interesting, man. I'm funny connected however he's going to bash this."

Gallen wanted to leap successful the ringing for his 2nd combat consecutive aft the first, but officials said an hr indispensable beryllium scheduled betwixt the 2 bouts.

The 41-year-old is hoping to amended his nonrecreational boxing grounds to 14-2-1 successful the Origin-themed epic.

"He's great, man. He's a bully fighter, man," Tszyu said.

"He fought Justis (Huni). Stayed successful the pocket, went astir the full distance. Justis is an exceptional fighter. He mixed it up with him and he's conscionable a rugby (league) player. Decided to springiness boxing a go. There you go."

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