VP Kamala Harris Pushes Back On GOP Death Cult Dividing America In Powerful 9/11 Remarks

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Vice President Kamala Harris honored the heroes of Flight 93 and utilized their communicative to present a almighty connection astir unity, arsenic Republicans disagreement America with COVID.

Vice President Harris Honors Flight 93 Heroes.


Vice President Harris astatine the Flight 93 Memorial, "It is my anticipation and supplication that we proceed to grant their courage, their conviction, with our own. That we grant their unity by strengthening our communal bonds," https://t.co/v15ThQSZq3


Vice President Harris said successful Shanksville, PA:

We had differences of upon successful 2001 arsenic we bash successful 2021. And, I judge that successful America, our diverseness is our strength. At the aforesaid time, we saw aft 9/11 however fearfulness tin beryllium utilized to sow part successful our nation. As Sikh and Muslim Americans were targeted due to the fact that of however they looked oregon ho worshipped, but we besides saw what happens erstwhile truthful galore Americans successful the tone of our federation basal successful solidarity with each radical and their chap Americans, with those who acquisition unit and discrimination, erstwhile we basal together.

And looking back, we retrieve the immense bulk of Americans were unified successful intent to assistance families heal, to assistance communities recover, to support our nation, and to support america safe. In a clip of outright terror, we turned toward each other. In the look of a stranger, we saw a neighbour and a friend. That clip reminded america of the value and the spot of our unity arsenic Americans. And that it is imaginable successful America. So moments from now, we volition permission this hallowed place, inactive carrying with america the symptom of this loss, this tremendous loss, and still, the aboriginal volition proceed to unfold.

We volition look caller challenges, challenges that we could not person seen 20 years ago. We volition prehend opportunities that were astatine 1 clip unimaginable, and we cognize that what lies up is not certain. It is ne'er certain, it has ne'er been. But I cognize this, if we bash the hard enactment of moving unneurotic arsenic Americans, if we stay agreed successful purpose, we volition beryllium prepared for immoderate comes next. The 40 passengers and unit members of formation 93, arsenic we each know, they didn’t cognize each other; astir of them didn’t cognize each other. They were antithetic radical from antithetic places. They were connected that peculiar formation for antithetic reasons.

But they did not absorption connected what whitethorn abstracted us. No, they focused connected what we each share. On the humanity we each share. In a substance of minutes, successful the astir dire of circumstances, the 40 responded arsenic one. They fought for their ain lives and to prevention the lives of countless others astatine our nation’s capital. After today, it is my anticipation and supplication that we proceed to grant their courage, their conviction, with our own. That we grant their unity by strengthening our communal bonds, by strengthening our planetary partnerships, and by ever surviving retired our highest ideals. This enactment volition not beryllium easy, it ne'er has been. And it volition instrumentality each of america believing successful who we are arsenic a nation. And it volition instrumentality each of america going distant to enactment together.

Harris’s Message Of Unity Was A Pushback Against The GOP’s Pandemic Politics Of Division

It is intolerable not to link Vice President Harris’s remarks astir the heroes of Flight 93 and the authorities of part that are being practiced by Republicans during the pandemic.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is causing astir a 9/11 each week successful Florida successful presumption of COVID deaths. 

The passengers connected Flight 93 agreed to forestall an onslaught connected the Capitol, portion 20 years later, Republicans grant home terrorists who attacked the Capitol and are sidesplitting Americans for governmental gain.

Americans joined unneurotic against terrorists who attacked the federation 20 years ago, and present they indispensable bash the aforesaid to decision a pandemic and those Republicans who are looking to politically summation from sickness and death.

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