Watch CNN’s Dana Bash Call Out Joe Manchin’s Infrastructure Game

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Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said that helium would not ballot for a $3.5 trillion infrastructure measure but backpedaled erstwhile asked to sanction his fig connected CNN.

Joe Manchin’s Can’t Name A Spending Amount For Reconciliation Bill


.@DanaBashCNN presses Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin connected wherefore helium doesn't enactment the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package. Sen. Chuck Schumer "will not person my ballot connected the 3.5," Manchin says.


CNN’s Dana Bash asked Manchin to beryllium circumstantial and asked if helium had a circumstantial fig successful mind.

Manchin talked astir helium wanted to rise firm taxes backmost to 25%.

Bash asked again, “So, what’s the number?”

Manchin said, “The bottommost enactment is what’s going to beryllium competitory successful our taxation code. I judge the firm should beryllium astatine twenty-five, not twenty-one.”

Dana Bash asked for a 3rd time, “So what’s the wide fig for the budget?”

Sen. Manchin answered, “I deliberation you’re going to beryllium capable to look astatine it and fig retired what you tin bash successful a reasonable, liable way.”

Joe Manchin’s Game Gets Unmasks

Sen. Manchin ne'er said that helium was a full nary ballot for the bill. He wants to beryllium capable to spell backmost to West Virginia and assertion that helium got a spending chopped connected the bill.

When helium was asked what helium thought the measure should cost, Sen. Manchin had nary answer.

$3.5 trillion is an arbitrary number. Democrats were acceptable for idiosyncratic to bash precisely what Sen. Manchin is doing. There is ever wiggle country built into fund bills.

Democrats volition apt beryllium down with Manchin, amusement him however the measure is wholly paid for, shave disconnected a spot from the full cost, and the measure volition pass.

Joe Manchin’s Game Finally Gets Called Out

It was bully to spot Manchin yet get pinned down, alternatively of the press taking his statements astatine look worth successful bid to make drama.

Notice that Sen. Manchin ne'er said that helium would not ballot for immoderate bill.

Manchin is playing games to support himself politically backmost successful West Virginia, but it was refreshing to spot him pressed for specifics that helium does not have.

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